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Book Yoga in Rishikesh direct you through the incipient section in your life that is Traditional Yoga Teacher Training, this is the underlying advance for understudies in the way of yoga. Our school has structured extraordinary Yoga Teacher Training course which will avail understudies with exploring the gamut of Yoga, just as for the individuals who feel a call to culminate up, or investigate turning into, a Yoga instructor.

The courses intended for understudies will make them erudite in the history, causes and ageless practices of Yoga alongside the capacity to crisp transmission of yogic information. We furnish the best Teacher Training Program with our 100 Hours Beginner Yoga Course, 200 Hours Traditional Yoga TTC , 300 Hours Traditional Yoga TTC in Rishikesh ordinant dictation pathways.

We've made 100 Hours Beginner Yoga Course, 200 Hours Traditional Yoga TTC programs, and 300 Hours Traditional Yoga TTC programs, Yoga Retreats and these are Yoga Coalition affirmed and perceived all around. You will discover a wide range of program whether you're hoping to prepare or inundate yourself in an escalated time of yoga consider, we have projects to suit each individual and way of life. We run numerous courses consistently and offer an assortment of installment culls and plans to avail you on your adventure. Prepare for a mind-blowing voyage.

Book Yoga in Rishikesh trains searchers in established Hatha yoga, injury edified yoga, contemplation, profundity encephalon research, economic practices and that's only the tip of the iceberg, through an all-encompassing Yoga Teacher Training Program that makes the antiquated training of yoga open, pragmatic, and pertinent to an astronomically immense number of the difficulties we right now face as a general public. All our Yoga Coalition attested preparing to give and train you Hatha, Dynamic Vinyasa, Breathwork, Rumination, Self Development, Self-Rejuvenating, Conscious Living, Alimentation and the aptitudes consequential to wind up a fruitful Yoga Teacher. Yoga isn't something you can become habituated with concurrently. Rather, it keeps on unfurling as you study, practice and authoritatively mandates. Remain fixated on your fundamental credences and settles on a heart-fixated cull dependent on where you require giving your ebullience and vitality. Your preparation will be balanced and spread a few centre styles of Yoga including Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow just as Rumination, Pranayama, Chakras and Subtle Energy, and a prologue to Alimentation and Ayurveda.

Book Yoga in Rishikesh - Mission & Vision

  • To spread yoga all around the world and help people all across the globe to learn yoga and imbibe holistic living principles that are learnt through yoga. This will not only transform their lives but also they can adapt it as a profession.

  • To work as a vital focus of yoga, contemplation and work on present-day logical research and investigation of yoga, reflection and mending.

  • To efficaciously advance feasible ways of life and network amelioration dependent on different all-encompassing rules just as the old standards of yoga.

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Dining Hall

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Yoga Hall

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  • 3 meals a day (100% Veg & Organic)
  • Herbal/Black Tea/Coffee
  • Fresh fruit juices
  • Indian style cooking
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Yogic diet
  • On request dietary requirements
  • Attached washroom
  • Hot water
  • Study table
  • Woolen blanket
  • 24 Hrs. water & power
  • Personal cupboard
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
Easy to Access
  • Cafe nearby
  • Restaurant nearby
  • Books & Stationery store
  • River nearby
  • Convenience/Grocery store nearby
  • Cyber (Internet) Cafe nearby
  • Tour & Travel agencies nearby
Outdoor Excursions
  • Kunjapuri Temple (Sun Salutation Trek)
  • Waterfall Trek (Neer Gaddu & Patna)
  • Vashistha Cave (Ancient Sage's Meditation Place)
  • Ganga River nearby (The Holy River Ganges)
  • Parmarth Niketan Ashram (Ganga Puja Ceremony)
  • Trayambkeshwar Temple (13th floor Temple)

Traditional Yoga TTC in Rishikesh

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100 hours beginner yoga course in Rishikesh

Beginner Yoga Course

12 Days program

200 hours traditional yoga ttc class

200 Hour Yoga TTC

24 Days training program

300 hours traditional yoga ttc class in rishikesh

300 Hour Yoga TTC

29 Days training program

7 and 14 days yoga retreat in rishikesh

Yoga Retreat Course

7, 14 Days Program